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Board room AV system

Please see below bid information.  All bids must be forwarded to our office located at

10789 Midland Blvd.

St. Louis MO 63114


All bids must be submitted by April 3rd at 3pm.  Please contact our office if you have any questions, 314-428-6069



The submitted bid must include:

● Itemized pricing information

● Information on the following items:

○ limitations and performance of cameras

○ Cost of licensing for software

○ Any recurring maintenance fees

○ Warranty scope

○ Cost of service for items outside of the warranty (trip charge, labor, etc)

○ Vendors average response time

○ Estimated project completion date


Specifications for Service and Equipment:


The West Overland Fire Protection District is currently seeking proposals for a video conferencing system. The district is interested in a video conferencing software with the ability to hold meetings online for the community. This project is a "turnkey" solution that will include the purchase of conferencing software, hardware and related materials for the installation and configuration of said items to satisfy the needs and requirements as outlined in the specifications of this RFP.



Building Location:

10789 Midland Blvd,

St. Louis

MO 63114


Software Specifications:

The software shall have the following capabilities:

● Ability to hold meetings

● up to (2) PTZ cameras

● Ability to watch meetings in real time

● Ability to record meetings and export video

● Ability to assign user permissions


Hardware Specifications:

● The hardware should be compatible with the conferencing software.

● All hardware must be compatible with POE.

● All hardware must be of a good enough quality to provide clear audio and video.


Network Specifications:

● Network cable should be plenum rated Cat6.

● System should function independently of existing wireless network excluding singular data connection in equipment location

● All internal cabling should be neat and tidy out of walkways

● Any exterior cables should be cleanly installed and weatherproof.

● If additional networking equipment is needed, please include the turnkey pricing for the addition.


Scope of Work:

● Conferencing software installation and configuration

● Installation, configuration, and connection of hardware

● Basic training on how to use the software

● Cleanup work areas at the completion of each day