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Proposition S




This November 3rd, our citizens will be seeing a ballot issue from our fire district,

Proposition ‘S’.  This is a NO TAX INCREASE Bond renewal. Revenue generated by the Proposition ‘S’ bond renewal will provide for the updating and replacement of existing life-saving equipment, as well as upkeep of our firehouse. Like all bond issues, NO monies can be used for pay, benefits, or retirement compensation. Prop S will NOT CAUSE YOUR PROPERTY TAXES TO INCREASE! Passage of Prop ‘S’ will simply enable the Fire District to maintain services at the same tax rates. Our citizens will soon be receiving mailers detailing the bond issue. Please do not hesitate to reach out with questions.


In service,


Gregory Vogel

Chief, West Overland EMS & Fire Protection District


official ballot language below;


Shall the West Overland EMS and Fire Protection District issue its general obligation bonds in the amount of two million five hundred thousand dollars for the purpose of improving emergency services by acquiring, constructing, repairing, improving, maintaining, furnishing and equipping fire stations and related facilities, including the purchase of land where necessary, and acquiring fire-fighting equipment and vehicles and other emergency service apparatus and auxiliary equipment?

Open burning

A reminder to our residents…..


It shall be unlawful for any person to openly burn wood shavings, leaves,

rubbish, trash, garbage, treated and/creosoted wood or of any other material

within the city limits of St. Ann, except that the burning of natural

uncontaminated tree wood shall be permitted as follows:


-The open burning of wood is prohibited except where said burning is

done in an appropriate container, appliance or fireplace structure that is

designed and intended to be used for the purpose of wood burning, and has

a base dimension no greater than sixteen (16) sq. ft.


1.  Setbacks shall be as follows:

-Twenty-five (25) feet from a structure or combustible material.

-Twenty-five (25) feet from a property line on lots greater than

20,000 square feet in area.

-Fifteen (15) feet from a property line on lots not greater than

20,000 square feet


2.  The property owner, tenant or other responsible adult shall constantly

supervise the burning at all times.


3.  When open burning creates an air pollution problem, a nuisance

condition, fire hazard or when atmospheric conditions are unfavorable for

burning or when a public air quality warning is posted, said burning shall

immediately cease and the fire and embers extinguished.


4.   Bonfires for public or private events or for recreational purposes on

public or private property shall only be allowed by special permit from the

City of St. Ann and the appropriate fire district.


Gregory S. Vogel


10789 Midland Blvd.

St. Louis, MO 63114

Transport Policy

Effective immediately

The West Overland EMS and Fire Protection District and its Board of Directors has issued an Emergency Declaration with regard to ambulance transport. This declaration allows EMS personnel to choose transport to the closest appropriate hospital in the event of a natural disaster, pandemic, periods of civil unrest, inclement weather or situations that may arise, necessitating the need for the ambulance personnel to effectively return to the District and respond to additional calls for service. EMS personnel will transport to one of four facilities. The hospitals of choice are DePaul, Mercy Creve Coeur, Missouri Baptist and Barnes West County. Individual calls may be evaluated on a case by case basis. Should a specialty resource be required, or as determined by paramedic discretion, the patient may be transported to an appropriate facility.